Svyatkin Ivan

Svyatkin Ivan
Date of birth: January 21st, 1991 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan (Zodiac sign: Aquarius)
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actor, dancer

Alumnus of the Zhytomyr “Solnyshko” Choreography School (Ukraine). After moving to Prague in 2005, he started appearing in 2007 as dancer and actor in various musical theatres in Prague: Hybernia (in Dracula, Baron Münchhausen), Broadway (Mydlář the Executioner, Cleopatra, The Three Musketeers), the Karlín Musical Theatre (Aida, More Than a Little Love). Apart from theatre dancing, he also performs on TV (SuperStar, StarDance and other shows). He also practises folk dancing in the dance and acrobatics troupe Piqué. He has been a member of the Black Light Theatre since 2007. He stars both in The Colour Dreams of Dr. Frankenstein and Faust.


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