Black Light Theatre of Prague


Shows in our history

Crazy doctor Fr.

It was primarily Mary Shelley’s cult classic novel Frankenstein that inspired the creators of this new black theatre project, which premiered on April 4th, 2006 at the Palace Theatre. However, alongside doctor Frankenstein, it features many other well-known characters from the world of detective and...

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The show Faust was inspired by the classical work of J. W. Goethe. The confrontation of this classical subject matter with the black theatre format resulted in an innovative authorial project mixing black theatre with musical numbers, dynamic choreography and original incidental music, which favoura...

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Apparently, only humans have the ability to dream. It is this ability which became the unifying theme of the first black theatre show of the Black Light Theatre of Prague, entitled simply Dreams. Its protagonist is a shop attendant from a small department store, a boy who struggles every day with th...

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Magic Universe

The next show of our theatre, entitled Magical Universe, makes use of and further refines techniques which were developed and perfected at the Black Light Theatre of Prague. It offers a magical journey through time and space by way of condensed metaphors and colourful poetic imagery. The creative te...

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Black Light Concert

A unique encounter with the masterpieces of three composers and personalities of the peak era of Classicism: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Franz Haydn and Pavel Vranický. They were linked by personal friendship, worked in Vienna and Prague, and their combined oeuvre includes brilliant chamber comp...

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