Black Light Theatre of Prague

Around the World in 80 Minutes

New show


M. Kranda, K. Leixner, A. Mentlík, V. Miklová, K. Poslová, E. Roztočilová, R. Růžička, B. Smělá, J. Studničková, D. Šedivák, J. Sedláček, J. Vindiš, S. Zlatníková

Length of performance:

80 minutes

About show:

Would you like to get to know the whole world but do not have as much time as the hero of Journey Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne?  With us, you need just 80 minutes for the entire journey thanks to the magical devices of the black theatre. The masterful work with lights and darkness and with captivating visual effects allows you to move from mysterious and undiscovered places all over the world to the most famous places in the European continent in a single moment. Come and experience this adventurous story with your whole family.