Black Light Theatre of Prague


1 195 performances


D. Šedivák, P. Toman, E. Roztočilová (Grygarová), J. Studničková, K. Leixner, B. Dufek, D. Hirschkorn

Length of performance:

65 minutes

About show:

Apparently, only humans have the ability to dream. It is this ability which became the unifying theme of the first black theatre show of the Black Light Theatre of Prague, entitled simply Dreams. Its protagonist is a shop attendant from a small department store, a boy who struggles every day with the grey dullness of life. But every now and then, he starts dreaming. In his dreams, he wanders off into a colourful world full of exotic experiences, adventures, mystery and beautiful women. This successful show, which ran for 1,195 performances, was finalized by stage director Ivan Holeček, composer and sound designer Vladimír Zahradníček, who wrote the show’s original score, and choreographer Jiřina Kottová, who was involved in its choreography. The inventive stage design was the work of Daniel Šedivák.

(1990–1993, ran for 1 195 performances)