Black Light Theatre of Prague

Magic Universe

980 performances


D. Šedivák, P. Toman, E. Roztočilová (Grygarová), J. Studničková, K. Leixner, B. Dufek, D. Hirschkorn

Length of performance:

50 minutes

About show:

The next show of our theatre, entitled Magical Universe, makes use of and further refines techniques which were developed and perfected at the Black Light Theatre of Prague. It offers a magical journey through time and space by way of condensed metaphors and colourful poetic imagery. The creative team around this show brought together producer and script co-author Michal Kocourek, stage director and scriptwriter Ivan Holeček, stage designer Daniel Šedivák, choreographer Jiřina Kottová, composer Jiří Doubek and lyricist Pavel Kácha. While preparing the show, the company relied on its prior experiences as well as on the energy and enthusiasm of new arrivals among actors. Early 1993 was a period of active stage and prop design while incidental music and songs were being created in parallel; the show finally premiered on March 29th, 1993. It is suitable for all audiences and the spectators can expect pleasant entertainment accompanied by dreamlike and poetic elements. In 1998, this show reached its 980th performance.

(1993–1998, ran for 980 performances)